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This Operational Unit, led by Dr Gianmarco Aondio handles major medical conditions in the different hospital stages, acute and subacute; in addition to the services of urgent medicine, the unit provides support in the treatment of acute and post acute respiratory insufficiencies following the period in resuscitation. Patients treated are those affected by multiple comorbidities in a decompensated stage, non-ischemic cardiac conditions and severe forms of infection, with particular reference to septic states.


Aondio Gianmarco Head of Medical Unit
Fumagalli Alberto Medical Officer
Rusconi Giuseppe Medical Officer
Pianalto Davide Medical Officer
Gianotti Emanuela Medical Officer
Lucchini Maura Medical Officer


The Medical Oncology section, led by Dr Gianmarco Aondio handles the major neoplastic conditions through routine hospitalisation, day hospital and dedicated Outpatient Clinics. An important aspect is the constant search for the most correct patient - doctor relationship that will help the individual in the acknowledgement of his condition and lead to a shared decision as to the best treatment. To improve relationships with patients, the Lariana Oncology Support Associationi (ALSO) ( was formed in 2009; it offers patients caring support in the form of volunteers operating within the department and in the Day Hosptial.


Aondio Gianmarco Head of Medical Unit
Fumagalli Alberto Medical Officer
Rusconi Giuseppe Medical Officer
Pianalto Davide Medical Officer
Gianotti Emanuela Medical Officer
Lucchini Maura Medical Officer


This Operational Unit treats around 2500 people suffering from rheumatism which represents a broad cross section of rheumatological disorders, and it collaborates with the Institute of Rheumatology of the University of Milan in the areas of healthcare and scientific research. There is strong interaction with the other specialisations that exist within establishment, in particular with Orthopaedics, Cardiology and with the Lombardy Association of Rheumatism Sufferers. The head of the unit is Dr Claudio Mastaglio.


Mastaglio Claudio Head of Medical Unit
Rovelli Sergio Medical Officer
Arnoldi Cristina Medical Officer
Galbiati Valentina Medical Officer


Under the leadership of Dr Emilio Botta, the hospital’s General Surgery Department is considered a point of reference for highly complex operations and for the surgical treatment of numerous neoplasms. It carries out not just complex surgery but also surgical procedures for the more common pathologies, many of which are carried out on a day surgery basis with patients being discharged on the same day.


Botta Emilio Head of Medical Unit
Baratelli Giorgio Maria Medical Officer
Visetti Fabrizio Medical Officer
Sala Emanuele Medical Officer
Frediani Lorenzo Medical Officer
Dal Pozzo Aldo Medical Officer
Coglitore Alessandra Medical Officer
Raluca Sandru Medical Officer


The department provides a round the clock trauma service. It handles multi-traumas by using the most modern mini-invasive techniques of osteosynthesis with an arthroscopic knee surgery and corrective foot surgery section, and orthopaedic work with prosthetic surgery of the large joints. operative rehabilitation takes place in the rehabilitation department connected to the same ortho-trauma unit. The head of the department is Dr Nicola Annichiarico.


Annicchiarico Nicola Head of Medical Unit
Latta Arturo Medical Officer
Giacchetta Roberto Medical Officer
Grassi Corrado Medical Officer
Bartesaghi Michele Medical Officer


The unit is lead by Dr Adelio Valtorta and it, along with specialists who are expert in the diagnosis and treatment of urinary tract and male genital disorders, have been treating patients suffering from a broad cross section of conditions.


Valtorta Adelio Head of Medical Unit
Capra Massimo Medical Officer
Santangelo Giulio Mario Medical Officer
Tesone Antonio Medical Officer


The Opthalmology Unit opened in 1999 and over the years has carried out more than 10,000 surgical procedures and over 100,000 outpatient consultations. The current head is Dr Gianluca Rubiolini and, in addition to the Operational Unit’s operations, other very important aspects of its work include clinical diagnostics,using state of the art ocular diagnostic systems, and laser treatment. Equally as important is the orthoptics section, which deals with ocular motility and the non-invasive diagnosis of glaucoma.


Rubiolini Gianluca Head of Medical Unit
Conca Maurizio Medical Officer
Dubini Lodovico Medical Officer
Luccisano Andrea Medical Officer
Muzhetska Tetyana Medical Officer
Alessio Teresa Medical Officer
Puccio Salvatrice Medical Officer
Caruso Ettore Medical Officer
Spinazzola Giovanni Francesco Medical Officer
Gottardi Valentina Orthoptist


The Operational Unit, lead by Dr Mario de Simoni delivers a programme of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and assistance during all the different stages of a woman’s life, from adolescence through to old age. The Birth Unit is a point of reference for the area and the work of the operating theatre is is strongly geared towards keeping abreast with and acquiring the most innovative techniques, in particular in the field of endoscopic surgery and surgery of the pelvic area.


Stefano Landi Head of Medical Unit
Mariapia Foppoli Medical Officer
Mariapia Foppoli Medical Officer
Luciana Biancotti Medical Officer
Ezio Craperi Medical Consultant
Costantino Rusconi Medical Consultant
Francomaria Senzani Medical Consultant


The Paediatric department was created to respond to the needs of the local area and to work alongside the Obstetrics and Gynaechology Units that were already present as well as the Nursery/Baby Care Unit. It is currently the only complete Mother and Baby Department serving the hospital's catchment area. With this project, the hospital completes its mission of being mindful of a patient's every need, and doing so with skill, promptness and love. The head of the department is Dr Paolo Adamoli.


Adamoli Paolo Head of Medical Unit
Focarile Fabio Medical Consultant
Vonella Barbara Medical Consultant
Di Dio Lucia Medical Officer
Romano Catia Medical Consultant


The hospital has 136 bed spaces for specialist rehabilitation; this includes neurological, respiratory, cardiological, orthopaedic and muscular and skeletal rehabilitation. The contacts for each of the rehabilitations are those listed in the sections dedicated to the appropriate disciplines. The head of motor, muscle and skeletal rehabilitation is Dr Natale Mangano. Within the area of diabetology, the department deals with the treatment of diabetic foot and there is a branch of the Central Alto-Lario Diabetics Association present within the hospital(ADCAL).


The Ear Nose and Throat Unit at the Moriggia Pelascini Hospital in Gravedona, led by Dr Gianfranco Niedda, has an exceptional reputation for the modern diagnostic and surgical techniques used in nasal conditions, otosurgery and surgery of the saliva glands and neck. Nose surgery (rhinoplasty) is carried out by the ENT team, under licence from the Italian Health Service, within the conditions of the nasal pyramid that cause respiratory problems and malformations and, in a private capacity, they provide aesthetic rhinoplasty and otoplasty.


Niedda Gianfranco Head of Medical Unit
Clemente Ignazio Medical Officer
Nigro Giuseppe Medical Officer
Varisco Floriano Medical Officer


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