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A point of reference in the area when it comes to scheduled admissions as well as emergency and urgent care, vascular surgery at the Moriggia Pelascini hospital, under the leadership of Dr Antonio Morelli, can call upon important multidisciplinary synergies. As the location for a Level 1 Emergencies and Admissions and Stroke Unit, the hospital is therefore equipped for handling complex situations. It is against this backdrop that a vascular surgeon works alongside resuscitation specialists, cardiologists, interventionist radiologists, neurologists and neurosurgeons to guarantee the utmost thoroughness and quality of the services provided.


Udini Marco Head of Medical Unit
Oggianu Carlo Medical Officer
Soldatelli Federica Medical Officer


The facility offers assistance by treating the entire range of neurosurgical conditions and calling upon the services of intraoperative neurophysiology to preserve the functions of the nervous system affected as well as the most advanced technologies to assist in microsurgery. Under the leadership of Dr Diego Spagnoli the operational unit, in collaboration with neuro-rehabilitation colleagues, provides assistance in those cases that require re-education treatment as well in the management of degenerative, traumatic and vascular conditions of the central nervous system.


Spagnoli Diego Enea Marcel Head of Medical Unit
Taborelli Angelo Medical Consultant
Tarfagni Alberto Medical Consultant
Grasso Christian Medical Officer
Meloni Marco Medical Officer


The Cardiology Complex Operational Unit (UOC) consists of the Cardiology Intensive Care Unit (UTIC) with its associated Haemodynamic Lab, with 24/7 medical and nursing cover, and is part of the provincial network for the treatment of acute myocardial infarction with primary angioplasty (STEMI). The unit is headed by Dr Alessandro Politi, and together with the dedicated Outpatient Clinic and the cardiological rehabilitation, represents a point of reference not just for the area but for the hospital itself.


Politi Alessandro Head of Medical Unit
Vitali Andrea Medical Officer
Bartesaghi Giorgio Medical Officer
Gritti Selene Medical Officer
Capra Anna Clara Maria Medical Officer
Chianca Roberto Medical Consultant
Gestra Roberta Medical Officer
Selva Elisabetta Medical Officer
Golino Luca Medical Officer
Acri Edvige Medical Officer
Accorsi Chiara Medical Officer
Mattesini Alessio Medical Officer

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The hospital has been the base for Emergencies and Admissions since 2010, the year in which it became part of the emergency and urgent care network. Over the years the hospital’s vocation has always set its sights on increasing levels of effectiveness in terms of emergency and urgent care in order to respond to the area's needs. Today it also has a helipad that is equipped for night-time flights. The Departmental Head is Dr Roberto Valsecchi, while the contact for A&E is Dr Fabrizio Visetti.

Visetti Fabrizio First Aid Referent
Valsecchi Roberto DEA Referent
Cinelli Marco Medical Consultant
Aquilino Antonio Medical Consultant
Meduri Antonino Medical Consultant
Curtoni Clara Medical Consultant
Zara Stefano Medical Consultant
Bucicovschi Angela Medical Consultant
Penna Gianfranco Medical Officer
Zecca Gilda Medical Consultant
Puglisi Silvana Benedetta Medical Consultant
Aquilino Saverio Medical Consultant
Negri Silvia Medical Consultant


The head of the laboratory is Dr Calogero Barranco and it operates as part of the Italian National Health Service and in a private capacity for individuals and businesses. An average of 700,000 tests are conducted annually and these include haematological, serological, microbiological, virological and cytological investigations. The laboratory is therefore equipped to carry out the complete range of tests it is possible to conduct. Tests can be carried out for both in-patients and out-patients ; laboratory tests can be requested by visiting the facility directly and there is no need to book in advance. The Hospital is an independent transfusion centre and comes under the Department of Transfusional and Haematological Medicine (DMTE).

Stella Maria Grazia Head of Medical Unit
Mangiola Antonella Medical Officer
Fumagalli Francesca Biologist
Lleiva Munar Eivar Humberto Medical Officer
Andriani Lilia Biologist
Riva Alice Biologist


The service is operational for outpatients between 8.00 am and 4.00 pm from Monday to Friday, and between 8.00 am and 12 noon on Saturdays. Conventional x-rays are carried out with the direct access of the patient, without having to book in advance. All other x-rays must be booked in advance with the bookings desk or directly in radiology. The x-ray service for A&E and hospitalised patients is operational between 8.00 am and 10.00 pm, and there is an on-call service available for radiologists and physician radiologists outside of these hours and on holidays. The service is also operational for diagnosing images for 118/999 patients in urgency and emergency care. The services is part of the Province of Como’s Local Health Authority’s Breast Screening Plan and is in a position to provide copies of the x-rays carried out as part of the A&E, hospitalisation and screening service on film or CD.

Campi Natale Head of Medical Unit
Bassanelli Marcello Medical Officer
Gamberini Maura Medical Officer
Menesatti Corrado Medical Officer
Giboli Valentino Medical Officer
Ballarini Valerio Medical Officer
Ciccaglioni Bruna Medical Officer
Lazzerini Marco Medical Officer


The Anaesthesia and Resuscitation Unit is part of the Emergency and Admissions Department and has 12 bed spaces; each of these with state-of-the-art equipment for monitoring and treating severe respiratory, cardiovascular (cardio coronary unit) and renal insufficiencies and it also has as an area set up for sub-intensive care as well as a stroke unit. It is also taking part in the experimental protocol, drawn up in collaboration with the neuro-rehabilitation centre in Innsbruck for the treatment of severe brain injuries. The Unit is led by Dr Roberto Valsecchi and operates under an agreement with the School of Specialisation in Anaesthesia and Resuscitation at Rome’s Cattolica University.

Valsecchi Roberto Head of Medical Unit
Hernadez Vasquez Julio Cesar Medical Consultant
Kovasc Attila Medical Consultant
Magni Patrizia Medical Consultant
Moscarelli Michele Medical Consultant
Tassi Paolo Medical Consultant
Villa Massimo Medical Consultant
Martin Antonello Medical Consultant


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